Best Apps to Hook up With a Japanese Girl in Tokyo

Best Apps to Hook up With a Japanese Girl in Tokyo

March 1, 2020 Off By Sach Moginhigger

You’re in Tokyo, ready to hook up with an amazing local girl? What apps do Japanese girls use? Are there any English-speakers? When it comes to apps with actual Japanese users and an English interface, the pickings are pretty slim.

We’ve made a short list of some decent dating apps with active foreign and Japanese users who are looking to hook up or for a relationship. Here is your guide on using apps to date a girl in Tokyo.


Bumble is a one of a kind app that puts women in control by only allowing them (us) to initiate the conversation. Don’t fall prey to the stereotype that Japanese women are too shy to take the lead. Maybe it was true for older women.

Bumble has become a very successful app in Japan. Of course, it’s not as popular as Tinder, so there are fewer English speaking users. However, user quality is very high, and there is a lot less spam than Tinder.


The reigning champion among dating apps needs no introduction. It made its debut in the Japanese capital at the beginning of 2015. Since then, it has become the go-to option for meeting English-speaking Japanese girls and foreign users. It has a very high number of active users and is a great app for making friends fast. You can even start looking before you arrive in the city thanks to Tinder Plus features. Gay and bi users have lots of options too. The app is very user-friendly. On the downside, there’s quite a bit of spam and a few shady users.


Albeit being a newcomer in Tokyo, Hatch is quickly becoming popular with foreigners and Japanese university students. Like our first choice, this app requires women to message first. Hatch’s Stop Light Color scheme is what truly makes it stand out. Red means the girl just wants to be friends. Yellow means she’s not looking to hook up. Green is what you should look for.

The user profiles on Hatch indicate the language spoken by them. We love the energetic and youthful user base and the option to filter searches by language, which makes finding a girl in Tokyo a breeze.

Tokyo is no stranger to dating sites and apps. There are lots of dating services available to residents of the Japanese capital, often referred to as “konkatsu” (looking to get married) or “deai-kei” (online dating). We wish you lots of luck dating in the land of the rising sun!